From Us To You

This year has been all over the place! I’m sure you can relate. We have been taking some time to really celebrate the meaning of Christmas to us. We also tried to go do a DIY family photo shoot with a tripod, my phone, and a pretty awesome park! BUT that was a complete fail!Continue reading “From Us To You”

Why focus on these things?

I was crying as I was sitting on my couch overwhelmed with my life. “Aren’t I supposed to be grateful? Thankful? Blessed?” You know the saying, right? I asked myself this question in my head. Once again the lies of the enemy filled my thoughts and overflowed into yet another day long “session” of negativity.Continue reading “Why focus on these things?”


Starting Heartening Forward has been such a learning experience for me. The demand of posting daily and building up a following can be both exciting and exhausting, depending on how you look at it. I admit, sometimes it can be difficult trying to keep up, especially with 5 kids. And then, trying to come upContinue reading “Influence”