Mental Health Self-Advocacy

This past weekend I had to call my pharmacy for my new ADHD medications. Long story short, I ran out of meds and went a day without them when I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t complete chaos, but I definitely noticed the difference. One area the meds help in is time management. I struggled pre-medication days,Continue reading “Mental Health Self-Advocacy”

Brighter Days Ahead

This is usually what it looks like when I am enjoying a meal. Holding my 6 month old, who I tried to feed first, and he doesn’t want to eat. So I sit down with him and my food and he wants everything in sight (except his bottle of course). Most days it’s my waterContinue reading “Brighter Days Ahead”

The Struggle Is Real

If I said I was nailing this life thing, I would be lying. Being home in a pandemic brought up some real things for us as a family. A few things we are learning is that maybe more than one of our children have ADHD. I have been recently diagnosed, our oldest daughter has beenContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

Lord of All

This picture was taken Monday of this week (12/14/2020). It was just before I went to the emergency room (2nd time in about a month’s time) I had chest pains, pain in my left shoulder and neck, and numbness in my left arm. My heart was pounding. I was frantic, but trying to remain calm.Continue reading “Lord of All”