Cloudy Days

During my toughest of times, I looked at these mountains. My favorite is when there would be clouds like this directly above them. I would often capture these images to remember that even in my darkest hours, God is there. Even when others won’t hear me, He does. When others ask me “Are you reallyContinue reading “Cloudy Days”

Do You Ever…

Do you ever feel like you are often defending your name in situations with people and how they perceive you? I know I do. As I was scrolling through my personal Instagram and sifting through what I want to see on my feed and what I am no longer wanting to feed my spirit, IContinue reading “Do You Ever…”

Be Kind

Kind. Showing you care about other people; not causing harm or damage. I don’t think I’m any better than others when it comes to being kind. I’m sure I’m not completely horrible at it either. Sure I care for others. Sure I don’t think I’m causing harm or damage. But my opinion of myself doesn’tContinue reading “Be Kind”