One Year Ago – A Birth Story

It was Sunday night, July 19, 2020, and my husband and I drove to the hospital. We had a scheduled appointment to have our youngest child. Our baby was past his due date, so I was being induced. I had never been induced with any of our 4 older children and labor had always started on it’s own, so I had no idea what to expect with an induction. I was filled with anxiety and tears for the days leading up to this.

If you don’t know the process of being induced, the hospital will give you an IV and put Pitocin in it to start contractions that your body doesn’t start on it’s own. Pitocin basically gives you intense contractions in a much shorter time to help the process of labor. When I say intense, I mean contractions every 3 minutes with not much relief in between them.

So, at 10pm, I was induced, given Pitocin and waited for contractions. By 11:30pm they were pretty rough, but I was waiting it out. I had one labor where I had pain relief at the very end (that labor was a whole mess! and probably deserved some legal attention, but that’s another story). I had one incredibly quick, painful labor without any pain relief, and two with epidurals, so I was determined to go without pain relief again. Not much happened between 11:30 pm and 2:30 am except for contractions every 8 minutes, conversations, social media browsing in between and looking at the picture of my older children for inspiration.

2:30 am and things are really intense! I breathed, watched my contractions, watched baby’s heart rate, talked with my husband as he gave me back rubs for the lower back labor pain, held my hand and gave me ice chips. I wanted to eat so badly, but you can’t in labor! So I tried walking around to help labor progress, but on my side was so much more comfortable and I seemed to be dilating at a good rate, so I rotated sides as I lay there for a while.

By 3:50am, the contractions were so intense, I was breathing, praying, focusing on being dilated at 7 centimeters (out of 10) and almost there! My husband had been awake for more than 24 hours at this point so he went to sleep. It was good for me because I focused for the next 2 1/2 hours with such intense contractions and felt so strong at that point. I kept telling myself I could do it.

5:40-6:10 am and “I need an epidural!” is all I can say at this point. My husband is awake now! I laugh thinking about it! But my nurse and my husband said I was so calm…I don’t remember feeling calm! I hadn’t dilated any further and I had been at 7 cm for about 4 hours at this point and not budging. So, I got the epidural. From about 4-6 am I cried, prayed, and felt the most intense labor pain I never want to feel again, but something about it feels so empowering to know I tried my best to labor on my own, with Pitocin giving me the worst of the worst contractions ever!

6:40-6:45, and relief! I was so exhausted and had also been awake for more than 24 hours. So, I took a nap along with my husband. At about 9:30am, I woke up and said, “I’m sleepy, but I feel pressure.” They called my doctor right away. I was fully dilated and baby was right there waiting to be born! So I pushed for about 11 minutes and our 5th child, second son was born at 9:51 am on 7/20/20, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. I cried tears of joy, just like I had before, every single time!

Today, 7/20/2021, our son Kai is a one year old happy boy! All of the pregnancy scares, the worries, anxiety I felt being pregnant during the pandemic is met with new mom worries. But there’s so much more joy to see who this little guy has become and how he continues to grow! He is such a joy to our lives and I wonder why I ever worried that we wouldn’t be able to handle having 5 children in the first place. All glory goes to God for all that has happened in our lives through these past two years!

I’m sure there may be more details I have not mentioned, but it has taken me a year to go back to relive this memory. I finally felt like it was a good time to share with you on my son’s one year birthday! Thank you for taking the time to go back with me!

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