Happy Juneteenth Weekend!

Growing up, I would hear some say that to celebrate Juneteenth was to be racist. Both my husband and I grew up in the same school system and weren’t taught the meaning of Juneteenth.

A few years ago, I joined with some amazing women who discussed racism; a racial reconciliation group with women from our church. The more conversations I had with white people and people of color, I realized how much I had allowed other’s opinions or hurtful words silence my voice.

As I continued to learn through reading, talking with close friends and family, and the more racism I experienced from people in and outside the church, I knew I could no longer be silent.

As we celebrate Juneteenth & Father’s Day this weekend, and even though we still have so much work to do, we have so much to be grateful for! Our family (one of our children is not pictured here) is having conversations with one another continually. Conversations to not hate, and to love all with God’s love.

This weekend, we celebrate Juneteenth along with so many of our brothers and sisters, friends of all races, family, and thanking God for always being here through every season we face! So very grateful today!

Happy Juneteenth weekend friends! ♥️🖤💚

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