Singing My Heart Out

This past week has been a good one! We celebrated our niece’s birthday. Then we celebrated with one of our children’s friends and her family. They are moving from middle school to high school. Our time out was something I missed this past year. I had such a deep time of reflection once we were home. Over the last few years, I let interactions and circumstances affect a part of me and felt like I stuffed a part of myself away.

After last weekend’s reflection, I see where there has been some growth and areas I have only allowed to slightly come to the surface. I know I won’t be the same person I was 5 years ago, and at the same time am so grateful for it. I took for granted the opportunity to learn from the “surfacy” parts of my life. I am letting myself accept the parts of me that I have been at odds with.

Whenever I stumble, God always reminds me I belong to Him and not to my own desires. His will for my life is far greater than the lies I could ever believe about myself. I am not that same broken little girl who stuffed everything inside. I can be confident in how God has used my story and has used it for good. He gets all the glory.

This weekend, I get to serve at my church with some really cool people. As I have been preparing, and although it has been an overall good week, I have walked through some tough things too (more on how God used this later) and the songs we will be singing this weekend are exactly for me! I’m so grateful for the good, the not so good, and especially the in-between. I look forward to singing out knowing that these same songs will be for someone else too and we’ll be singing them, feeling this together!

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