In the Waiting

As I have continued to pray about something very personal, I have been in this place of waiting. Waiting to hear from God on what’s next. Should I stay in the familiar place, with the comfort I’m used to or is God saying move into the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable? I think I know. But thinking I know and fully knowing is very different. So I continue seeking Him and taking my prayers to Him daily.

In this season, things have changed drastically. I shouldn’t be surprised at how drastic the changes have been. But, I am the person who likes to hold onto hope that “things will get better” and “people will change” which then leads me to where I am now. Drowning in what once was, who people used to be, and fading slowly into a pattern of habit instead of intention. Not a place I want to be.

As I was sitting in my living room, about to take a short nap, I kept reading the words in this picture over and over until I started singing it in my head. In the waiting, I should be singing and knowing that “it is well with my soul”. A song, written in grief, meets me so many years later as I grieve all of what once was. It gave me peace to know that throughout all of the changes, God still remains the same. That He is my answer. That I shall continue to look to Him and continue singing “It is well…” through this season and into the next.

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