Business Consulting

As a small business owner just starting out and learning new things in the business field, I was so excited that my friend Jay Parsons (pictured here), launched his consulting business Hayah Consulting this week! At Hayah Consulting, individuals and businesses can benefit from Life Plans, Life and Leadership Coaching, and Organizational Development.

I met Jay back in 2016 when he became the Men’s Pastor at our church where I was also on staff. As I worked with him as an assistant, I was able to experience how Jay leads with integrity, could take on any leadership role, and had the most organized teams. I saw how his leadership and passion for helping others be the best version of themselves impacted many lives, including my family’s, while also mentoring students and young adults.

When I heard that Jay would be starting his own consulting business, Hayah Consulting, I was so excited! Now that it has officially launched, I am excited for others to experience the wisdom, compassion, and leadership that comes so naturally to him.

If you or your business are looking for someone to help you build your Life Plan, Life and Leadership Coaching, or Organizational Development, check out Hayah Consulting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and at Pass along this info to anyone you think would benefit from Hayah Consulting.

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