Here We Are…Again

Friends, I am here with a heart full of tears. If you have been following me for a while, you know that this isn’t the first time I have talked about racial issues here on my blog. You also know that I am multiracial and two of those races are Filipino and Black. In this picture, you see my mom as a baby (her birthday is tomorrow!) and my grandmother, Emeteria, who I’m named after. So yes, the most current events with hate toward Asians hurts my heart.

My mom is Filipino, Mexican and Native American. To me, I never viewed my mom and her siblings as having a “look” that would immediately describe them as Asian-American. To others, they would “look” Asian-American. I remember when I worked with my mom and some people would describe her as “The little Asian lady”. With the most recent violence happening toward Asians here in America, I think of her and how closely she works with the public. I think of my Asian-American family. I think of my Asian-American friends. I think of Asians around the world who have faced this racism daily. It hurts my heart that we are here once again not being able to escape the pain of racism, oppression, and violence all because people have this idea that one race or the other is superior. And I have to say it. Stop Asian hate. It’s ugly.

I am tired, angry, disappointed. I am most disappointed that we have not taken the time to really listen to and care for our friends. I am disappointed that those of us who are Christians (myself included), we can only say “Pray and God will take care of the rest” when we all know that God gave us the commandment to love one another. We (should) show love by our actions to everyone, not just Christians. Simply praying for a job to fall in our lap doesn’t happen. You still have to apply for the job, show up to the interview, and show up to the job. We can’t pray and then sit back. God will give us the words to say and show us what to do. Didn’t he do that for Moses? Moses didn’t know what to say, but God did. Moses had to move with action, then God did what only He can do. Why can’t we take action by standing up for those we say we love? Why do we sit still and do nothing or do something for a time and then when it gets to be too much, we ignore the issues? I am including myself in all of this.

I may never have the answers to those questions, but I am going to continue to share the things I learn to help others be more aware and mindful of those we say we love. I am going to continue to stand up for those who are being persecuted, no matter what their race, skin color, gender, religious beliefs, etc. This is not a post to come down on one group. This is not a post to spread hatred. This is not a post to incite violence. This, my friends, is a cry for help. Help your friends of different races, skin color, gender, and religious beliefs. When we don’t understand, let’s ask questions. If we don’t know what to do, let’s ask our friends how we can help. Let’s be honest. Love. Truly. Can’t we at least try to stop saying “here we are…again”? I hope to.

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