Excited and Nervous!

As I fed my baby the last bottle Tuesday night, he looked up at me, smiled and reached up with one hand to touch my face. In that moment it felt like a sweet, perfect ending to my day. That moment ended quickly, as I sat him up to burp him. As you can see in the picture, it didn’t go so well!

This is life. Everything’s going great, then life’s hiccups jump in, out, then in again. This is why I started Heartening Forward. I wanted a space to share my experiences and encourage others. I feel I have done that in some ways, but also feel that I’ve shared some experiences without offering an encouraging word.

Because of this, I had been wrestling with the idea of working from home and procrastinating on ideas. In October of 2020, I pursued making Heartening Forward a business. It wasn’t until last week that I made the major decision after much prayer with God and conversations with my husband. Heartening Forward is now my very own home-based business.

I’m SO excited to use my creativity! I remember as a child always creating things to gift to my family. I made cards and wrote poems. As I was talking with my husband about this, he reminded me of a whole book of poems I wrote for him as a gift when I was 17. He still has it to this day.

I look forward to creating items of encouragement for all walks of life, but especially for those who are often overlooked. My hope is that others will use these creations to encourage and gift them to their friends and family.

This is all new to me and I am relying solely on God for the next steps to take. I look forward to sharing everything here with you all. I’m both nervous and excited for what God will do through Heartening Forward!

Below is the verse that kept showing up for me during my devotional time over the last few weeks as I continued praying on this decision. Such a good reminder that I need to do this with God. I need Him every step of the way!

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 NLT

2 thoughts on “Excited and Nervous!

  1. Em,
    So excited for you and all God has in store for you. Your vulnerability and expressions of hope through all of the ups and downs and in between of life will be used for His glory. I pray that He fills you to the brim with Him and that He overflows into Heartening Forward. Looking forward to seeing and hearing the stories of hope you have poured and will pour into others, your family, and you.

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