Brighter Days Ahead

This is usually what it looks like when I am enjoying a meal. Holding my 6 month old, who I tried to feed first, and he doesn’t want to eat. So I sit down with him and my food and he wants everything in sight (except his bottle of course). Most days it’s my water bottle he’s after because he smiles so big every time he sees me drink from it. Other times he just wants to be held. My life has felt like a juggling act for the most part.

I didn’t understand why my life seemed to be so difficult to manage until about 4 months ago. I have been going to therapy and so has my daughter. She was not officially diagnosed with ADHD when she was about 12, but the doctor said she “might” have it. So with this round of therapy (almost 5 years later), we both were officially diagnosed, finally!

I never thought I had ADHD until I started to see myself in my daughter. I also had no idea that I would be someone who had ADHD because I wasn’t really educated on what it really is. I had no idea that there are 3 types of ADHD: Hyperactive and Impulsive, Inattentive (formerly known as ADD), and Combined. I have the Inattentive kind of ADHD. I am easily distracted, have a hard time keeping focus in meetings, am horrible with my time management, keeping up with deadlines, doctor appointments and unorganized in some things.

I’ve kept most of this “hidden” for fear of judgment and lack of understanding. I was against medication until my daughter came to me out of frustration with school and said she really thinks she needs more help than the therapy she was seeking. Then looking into it and seeing that we had options and could start with non-stimulant medications, it gave me some relief.

So today we are on day two of medications. For my daughter, she noticed immediately that she is sleeping better at night and her moods have been exceptional. She’s usually very down and moody (more than your average teenager), but the past two days have already been a night and day difference. For myself, I have noticed I have more patience with reading and focusing on one thing without a million other things coming to cloud my mind. Both of us have also seen a great decrease in our anxiety levels. We still have a ways to go to see how the medication will really work after taking it for some time, but overall, it’s been a blessing so far.

Mental health is so important and I never realized just how important until my child came to me in despair. Now that I know how much more I can accomplish with the things I am doing so far, I hope to share all that I learn with you. I really hope that this encourages you to share your story or to learn more about ADHD and I really am looking forward to the brighter days ahead.

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