Curly Girl

I remember before starting school I loved my hair. I even remember as a little girl saying that I hoped that I had girls one day so I could do their hair. Then I went to school and those feelings changed.

I was picked on daily by white girls for my hair and how I looked. Comments like “Oreo!” Or “Puff the magic dragon” because my hair was “too poofy”. “Get out of here you half breed”, “your mom is a n—— lover”, and “you’re so confused and dumb, you don’t even know who you are” as they laughed in my face and ran from me as if I was some kind of a disease.

Thankfully I had and continue to have white friends throughout the years who don’t think this way of me. I had mostly black friends in school because even in my fair skin, they saw and knew I was mixed with black. Today, I love the diversity in my group of friends. It’s so important to me!

I have 3 girls who absolutely love their natural hair. Sure we will all wear it straight on occasion and get comments like “I love your hair better straight” or get asked “Why don’t you wear it straight more often?”, or “Is that really all of your hair?” Yes, I sometimes find these comments offensive, but also find hilarity in the way it would sound if I made the same comments to someone who is white with straight hair.

So naturally when my 8 year old daughter asked to do her own hair, knowing the correct products to use, I felt so proud. See, with natural curly hair it takes time to learn and perfect the process of finding what works for our hair textures and what doesn’t. For the past year we have been loving and using @emerge hair products. (If you’re following me on Instagram, you can see 3 short videos of my daughter doing her hair) My daughters are so proud of their hair and it’s a beautiful thing! So today we are celebrating our natural hair that God gave us! We celebrate the diversity in our textures and the beauty we see in our friend’s hair too! Just in case you were wondering, black hair IS beautiful!!

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