I love seeing my kids filled with so much joy. As I sat in my favorite chair of the house, I saw my youngest two playing together. I had to take a picture because it filled me with so much joy. I am also learning about how important it is to share joy.

As you may have read in my blog post from yesterday, I talked about how my kids and I often dreaded Black History Month in school because we were always taught the negative things about Black History. Even in the news we see so much negativity surrounding people who look like us.

Today I learned about a poet named Gwendolyn Brooks and the first black author to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1950. I was filled with joy to learn about a black woman I had never heard of. Someone who was born the same month I was (June, in the year 1917) and who writes poetry (which I love). I would encourage you to read her story about her writings and her book of poems for and about children called Bronzeville Girls and Boys. It’s one me and my children will be reading through together.

BHM is not about being more superior than every other race. It’s about knowing more than just the painful past of slavery, but the joy that has come from beyond some of the toughest, darkest days in America. It’s about knowing that there are people who also look like us that are doing positive things and setting examples with their gifts and talents. Not just seeing negative stories about those who look like us.

Most of all, it’s knowing that God is our hope and loves us all the same. It’s desiring unity and equality with one another as he does for us. It’s about sharing our experiences to learn and grow from others who are different from us. It’s about giving God glory for those differences and celebrating together.

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