From Us To You

This year has been all over the place! I’m sure you can relate. We have been taking some time to really celebrate the meaning of Christmas to us.

We also tried to go do a DIY family photo shoot with a tripod, my phone, and a pretty awesome park! BUT that was a complete fail! So I gave up, went home and said, “Let’s take pictures in front of our tree and take turns looking at each person in the family.

After about 100 pictures (okay, maybe not 100) this is the end result. I created the card on @canva. I did not use a pre-created template. I made it from a blank card. I sent them to Walgreens to print and voila, homemade Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I hope you enjoy this Christmas! Many prayers up for you all who are really struggling to celebrate this year. Prayers up for those of you who are just trying to get through this season alone. Thinking of you! I hope this reaches you and sending love to you!

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