Another Holiday

Did you know that every year, the day after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day? I did not know this. This sparked some pretty cool conversations between me and my children. Upon looking into it further, I found that the Native American Heritage Day Act of 2009 was passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in 2009, according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. (

Back in 2008, my husband and I decided that we would never miss seeing family on Thanksgiving and celebrate the day after with our kids. We also transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas that same night. We enjoy our meal, then have hot chocolate and begin watching our favorite Christmas movies! Side note: stay tuned for our little hot chocolate bar we have set up for the whole month of December.

Now that we know that Native American Heritage Day is the same day we celebrate our version of the holiday, we are excited to continue learning more and to incorporate some things from all of our ancestral roots into our celebrations. I always want to celebrate being of mixed race because I was often bullied about it growing up. I want my kids to love and appreciate all they are and know exactly why ALL parts of their history matters.

FYI: the table settings in this image are from @dollartree. Really simple setup at an affordable price on a last minute decision. Post is not sponsored, just in case you’re wondering. I just like to shop there! 😉

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