As I look at our (partially) set table for Thanksgiving, I have been thinking about a few reasons it looks different for us this year. One because of a pandemic, two because of our personal, unique situation, and three because of how we will be celebrating Thanksgiving moving forward.

“It’s Complicated” would be this year’s relationship with the holiday. Being of mixed race, which includes being a person of color, I have been learning so much about the effects of racism and social injustices outside of my own personal experiences. Thanksgiving can mean celebration for some and can bring up pain for others.

While I am not an expert, I do have a lot of personal experiences that have opened my eyes to learn about other’s pain that may or may not be similar to mine. I am choosing to learn more and try my best to not add to the hurt. I do not always get it right. In fact, I often get it wrong.

So from this year forward, I am choosing to educate myself and our family on the origin of the day and all it means to families with ancestral roots of the Wampanoag tribe. I will honor them by acknowledging the pain, being joyful, spreading peace, loving others, being together with family, and expressing gratitude to those around us.

Do you know the full story of Thanksgiving and the hurt caused by events around it? I challenge you to look into the history of it all. Think about how you can honor those who may have a complicated relationship with the day. Celebrate with an awareness and new meaning.

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