Unexpected Changes

Hi!  For some of you who don’t know, this is my family.  Family is an important part of my life.  In the beginning of starting Heartening Forward, I had decided that I wouldn’t share my family’s faces publicly.  I did not want my page to be based off of only pictures of us because I had so many other ideas I wanted to share.  Already in 2020, so much has taken place that has been difficult to process and with all of these things happening, I felt that it was time for a change or an update.    

I have been overwhelmed and completely torn between what I should really share here.  So, I started allowing myself to feel some of the emotions I had been keeping inside for many years.  I shared some of those feelings in a post or two and realized there was something more; deeper issues within me that I needed to sort out, offline. 

As I started to dig deeper, a few more things started to surface.  I am one step closer to getting one of my daughters an official diagnosis for ADHD.  While in that process with our therapist, I found out that I may also have ADHD which is a lightbulb moment for me since I always suspected it.  I am sure it is also why I have a hard time sticking to one topic as I have so much going on inside my head at all times.  You are going to get the whole me as I go through the process and learn better ways to function as an adult with ADHD (if that’s the diagnosis). I plan to share it with you here in hopes of helping others through it as well. 

Now the stinger.  Racism.  Yeah, I know, you are probably tired of hearing about it.  The truth is, for me and my family, it has not been just a 2020 thing.  I was raised by my father who is a black man (surprising to many because of my light skin, I know).  My husband and children are also black.  Over the last few years, I have been having conversations with others in a racial reconciliation bible study group and am currently in another book study on racism and I find myself having a difficult time not sharing the things I learn with those around me.  Yes, as someone who is black (some people would prefer I say mixed, but more on that later), there is still so much to learn. This is something that I’m both passionate about and feel it’s necessary to discuss in truth AND love.   

And lastly, I will continue to share about my experiences as a mom, woman, my family, and faith.  I will continue sharing my tips on how we manage all of the curly hair in our household (haha), the things I learn while parenting, especially now with possibly having ADHD, how I help manage our home, and my love for being creative.  I plan to share it ALL through videos, short video clips, pictures and blog posts to help and encourage others.  I hope you’re here to stay for it all!   

What are YOU most interested in seeing/hearing about here?

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