“I am thankful that I have You in my life

Guiding me through hard times and strife

You have made it clear in my eyes

Without You there is no life”

Those are lyrics to a song I wrote when I was 15. I love this song. I will share the new version once it’s complete, but as I was going over the lyrics, I love the reminder that I’m not alone. When I wrote the song, I saw so many people, teens like me, going through all of the pain and hurt of life. I saw how blessed I was in that moment…even with crazy circumstances surrounding me.

Man, do you know what? This world is not about only me. It’s about those around me. Not only am I going through things, but SO many more are too. So, I am thankful that I have another chance to get it right, to truly love others. I see in my brokenness, loneliness, and complete surrender back to God, that I have only been focused on myself.

I actually heard myself think clearly for the first time today because I wasn’t focused on me. THAT is why I started Heartening Forward. To be able to encourage OTHERS right where they are. While the enemy has tried this week to use my hurts to get me to lose focus, I cannot forget that LOVE remains. With this holiday season approaching so swiftly, I have to remember why I’m so, so THANKFUL.

What are YOU thankful for?

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