Preparing for Baby #5’s Arrival

Our lives are so incredibly busy. Before quarantine/lockdown, etc., we were always on the go. Work, church, school, volunteering, on top of always rushing to the next thing to do. I had also been dealing with health issues for the last several years and we finally got to the bottom of some of the issues. Within a few months, I found out that I needed to be gluten-free (August), I had quit taking birth control because I didn’t like the effects it was having on me emotionally and physically (September), and then we found out we were pregnant (November).

With all of the crazy, it just became crazier. I had come down with the worst flu I ever had in my life in January. I’m convinced it was some strain of Covid-19, but I’ll never really know, unless I go do antibody testing, but I haven’t been able to do that so far. Anyway, having been “locked in” since March 17th here, I have been faced with so many tasks that I had been wanting to get to for so long. Living in a home with 4 growing children and my parents also living with us in a small home, we have had to make adjustments to our living arrangements. Because we weren’t officially planning to have another baby and are trying to save to buy our own home while we currently rent, we don’t have an extra room for a nursery. So, we decided to set up areas of our room for now to help us when our new baby boy arrives.

One such area in our bedroom was quite the disaster. A corner with a dresser and a ton of crafty things. This dresser was actually a DIY that my mom did that once sat in the entry way in her home. She used old hymns & church songs sheet music to wrap the top and the drawers and had painted the dresser to match her home at the time. I used it to store all of my crafts. This quickly became a breeding ground for disaster. So I organized my crafts, put them in bins and put them in the garage. I kept the bottom two drawers for crafts that I could still easily access for smaller projects. In the pictures you can see the before, during, and after.

All items pictured are the two blue wooden boards, picture frames with Bible verses in them, and a few other items. The only items I spent money on were the two white bins and the black picture frames from The Dollar Tree about 2 years ago. The two wooden boards were a DIY from wood a friend had given me for crafts. I painted them, drilled some holes, attached ribbon and hung them with thumbtacks. The Bible verse pictures were created by me using the Canva App on my phone and printed them on picture paper. The white round was given to me also by my mom. I painted it with white chalk paint a while ago, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. The two lights were also given to me by my mom. I hung those up so we could have light whenever I need to change baby without turning on the big room lights.

The biggest change came as I repainted the dresser black. I used a flat black acrylic paint to paint the areas surrounding the drawers and the drawer pulls. I wasn’t sure of the color until I started to see the other pieces of this area coming together. I also chose not to seal the dresser because I intend to repurpose it in the future when we buy our new home. The diaper changing pad was gifted to me from my baby registry from when I had planned my own baby shower. It came right on time as I finished the project. All of baby boy’s clothes are organized by size along with his swaddles, bibs and other baby items in the drawers. Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out. Hopefully this will help motivate you to work on some area within your home or help you to prepare for your new baby, especially if you’re sharing a space with baby and don’t have a nursery.

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