I Appreciate You!

As a mom of 4 children: 1 in Elementary School, 2 in Middle School, and 1 in High School, I could not appreciate my children’s teachers any more than I do now! While I know I haven’t been careless about my child’s teachers (so I think), I for sure appreciate the hard work and dedication that their teachers put in every single day throughout the school year.

While this has been such a challenging season for all of us, I know for myself it has been tough. As we are entering our 8th week of distanced learning, we have had many challenges. Not having enough laptops for 4 kids, not being able to access schoolwork for at least the first week, trying to stay organized, helping each child with subject content I can barely remember (but it’s all slowly coming back to me), to now finally having the right amount of laptops and with only 3 weeks of school left, etc. Now for teachers, multiply the unpreparedness, the different personalities, the organized with the unorganized, the tired, the hungry, the kids who just don’t get it, the kids who don’t care to get it, the frustrated, the kids who try their best, the kids who simply have difficult situations at home that affect their ability to learn, the hurting, scared, sad, happy, secure, insecure and so much more, times 20 plus students per class (times multiple classes for middle and high school students)! I can’t even imagine!

Yet, there are those teachers who miss their students so much and just want to be back with them! To those teachers, THANK YOU! There are those teachers who also love what they do and miss it as well, but are enjoying this time away to be with their families too! THANK YOU! Every teacher who loves and cares for the students they teach, THANK YOU! To those who are struggling in this season because it’s affecting them negatively or are because they overwhelmed with this new way of teaching, THANK YOU!

From a mom of 4, trying her best to be a substitute teacher, to all of you teachers out there, I THANK YOU! I commit to do better to partner with you now and in the future! I’m indebted to you! I appreciate you! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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